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The Truth About Canada’s Economy – 2023

Is Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau Fiddling While Canada Burns?

Canadian Flag
Canadian Flag

When Justin Trudeau was elected as Prime Minister of Canada in 2015, he promised a new, improved, more equitable country. Unfortunately, like many politicians his campaign promises were more about “image” than “substance”. The following video is an accurate portrayal of what was once a wealthy, equitable country where peoples dreams could come true, particularly those of immigrants, and the future was bright. However, after years of over spending, an out-of-control immigration system, a housing market whose costs have exploded along with rents with little to no federal government oversight, and general incompetence in running the country, the federal government under Trudeau has transformed Canada into a North American version of “Argentina” (also once a well-run and economically prosperous country).

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