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Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution: Slower Than Anticipated!

By the end of December 2020, the number of people vaccinated in the USA was 1 million; in the UK, about 617,000; and in Canada, about 110,000. At present, the USA, the UK, and Canada have approved the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. On December 29th, the UK also approved the AstraZeneca/University of Oxford vaccine (which will begin use on January 4th). The distribution of these vaccines has been far slower than anticipated with the UK distribution ranking being #3 in the world, the USA #4, and Canada #7. (Israel is #1 in the world at the moment for distributing the vaccine to its people.)

In the USA, plans are underway to use retail giant, Walmart, to help speed up the distribution of the Moderna vaccine. Walmart (including Sam’s Clubs) have a vast network of stores with pharmacies: over 5,000 outlets nationwide, from as far west as Honolulu, Hawaii to Miami, Florida on the east coast. This distribution has already begun in the state of New Mexico.