Putin’s Medical Issues – Update August 2022

Putin’s health:  Ever since Russian President Putin invaded the Ukraine for no apparent reason, Western political observers have noticed a definite decline in Putin’s physical and mental health.  His recent bouts of ranting and raving and paranoia may be signs of dementia or other brain impairment; and his puffy face may be a side effect of cancer treatments.  Given Putin’s iron grip on Russia and its media, no one until now has had any confirmation of Putin’s ill health.  That has now changed, and believe it or not, the truth about Putin’s health may have been accidentally divulged thanks to several aggressive mosquitos.  

The mosquito incident:  According to a recent news report in the Toronto Sun, Putin was touring a military museum at the end of July as part of Russia’s Navy Day celebrations.  During the tour several mosquitos attacked the right side of his face:  he was able to raise his left arm to swat them away, but not his right arm, which remained immobile.  He was also walking with a limp.  Both of these issues are definite signs of deteriorating health.  Putin’s health is in trouble! 

Comparison to Czar Nicolas II:  Putin has stolen vast amounts of money from the Russian people, amassing a fortune estimated to be $200 billion US.  He has basically done the same as Czar Nicolas II who lived in total luxury while most Russians lived in poverty.  The Czar was a dictator who used his secret police to keep the Russian people in check.  In the end the Russian people arrested the Czar and executed him, his family, and wealthy friends. Putin may suffer the same fate.

Putin’s departure:  Rumors abound that Putin and his wealthy friends are making contingency plans to leave Russia with their fortunes.  The International Criminal Court has begun an investigation into Putin’s war crimes in the Ukraine, so it is quite possible that there is some legitimacy to these rumors.  Apparently, the country where Putin plans to seek asylum is Syria.