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Embarking on Your Spiritual Journey – Necessity Mixed with Adventure!

This section includes a discussion of the various aids that can assist you on your spiritual journey such as:

  • Learning materials (e.g. books, DVD’s)
  • Visiting a sacred site (Why make such a visit – what are its positive effects?)
  • Meditation
  • Past Life Regression (What is it – how can it help you?)
  • Using the services of a psychic or channeler
  • Using sacred plants (the pros and cons of using them)
Do You Know Where Your Destiny Lies?

If you were fortunate, you discovered at an early age what your life’s destiny was meant to be. Few people, however, are so fortunate. Most people do not have a clue as to where their destinies lie. One major reason for so many people being “lost” is that millions and millions of people have grown up in abusive family settings, often in the midst of an abusive society, making their chances of knowing what their particular destinies are very slim. So many people have so many problems that they can spend years and years just trying to rid themselves of all the excess “baggage” dumped on them, particularly by family, friends, and acquaintances.

How Much Abuse Have You Endured?

Given this situation, most people should not expect to quickly discover what their destinies are. If someone has suffered much abuse throughout his or her lifetime, then it may take a long time to overcome the abuse and start living the life he or she was meant to live. The most important decision you can make in your life is to decide to put your past behind you and set out to discover what your destiny is. You can do it; it may not be easy, but it is definitely worth the effort. Just wanting to bring positive direction and change to your life is “half the battle”! No matter how bad your life may have been, whatever you want in life, you can attain. Direct your will power to achieve a particular goal and it can bring you positive results.

Does Your Spiritual Journey Seem Endless? If so, Get Some Help!

The route to finding your destiny may seem like an endless journey. However, the more effort you put into discovering your destiny, the quicker you will obtain results. No one can tell you what your destiny is. Only you can discover it, for it is a journey that each of us must make. The good news is that you are not “stuck” having to spend a lifetime trying to discover what your destiny is. You can use different sources of power and enlightenment to help you tap into your true self and discover your destiny.

Some of these sources are conventional and others are unconventional. Your usage of these sources will depend upon how open-minded you are: some you may find useful; others you may not. It is your choice as to whether or not you want to use them.

Some of the sources that many people have used to help them on their spiritual journey are as follows:

A)  Purchase Learning Materials

This source of enlightenment primarily involves the purchase of learning material in either written form (i.e. a book), audio form (i.e. an audio book), or video format (i.e. a DVD). It should be your first choice when deciding upon what sources of enlightenment you need in order to begin your spiritual journey, and believe me, you will need all the help you can get when you embark upon such a journey.

Be prepared to make an investment in time, money, and effort into ensuring a better future for yourself. Books can help you learn from the discoveries and mistakes of others.

Look for books that inspire you to follow your passion in life, to discover your destiny, or to design the life you want (and need). For suggested material, click onto the “Life Planning Book” and “Other Books” sections of this website.

B)  Visit a sacred site (place) such as Sedona, Arizona

This potential source of enlightenment is unconventional, yet has yielded many positive results for many people. It involves visiting a sacred site (place), many of which have been used by Native Americans for many hundreds of years as sources of enlightenment and inspiration. One such site that most Americans will be aware of is Sedona, Arizona. It’s become the New Age capital of sacred sites, known for its stunning beauty and the unsettling presence that it has upon visitors. It is important to note that there are many other sacred sites worldwide, particularly in Mexico and the Holy Land (i.e. the Middle East). However, these sites may be difficult to access or to know in advance what attributes they possess.

The Positive Side-Effects of Visiting a Sacred Site

Your visit to a sacred site may benefit you in some unexpected ways. In addition to enriching your life by exposing you to a site’s cultural and historic heritage, your visit may also have an unexpected side effect, as it can help you on your spiritual journey, providing you with clues as to where your destiny lies. As strange as it sounds, many people have reported this side effect after having visited a sacred site, particularly in sites located within the southwestern part of the United States. Do some careful planning in advance before you make the investment in both time and money to visit a sacred site. You need to keep in mind that a visit to a sacred site is not a substitute for making your own effort to discover your destiny, so use this source of enlightenment as a supplemental source to your learning material. Use your learning material to help guide you as to how best to use this resource.

A Source for Potential Sacred Sites to Visit

One such potential source of information can be obtained from the book “How to Create the Life You Want – Redesigning Your Life” mentioned in the “Life Planning Book” section of this website.

C)  Meditation
What Is Meditation?  How Can It Benefit You?

Meditation is a step-by-step process that enables you to have greater control over your mind, to the point where you can quiet your conscious mind and gain access to your subconscious mind. Its use may be unconventional, but not as much as other sources of potential enlightenment. Our subconscious mind holds an immense storehouse of knowledge, everything about our past and present, and some theorize that it also includes knowledge about our future. More than likely, the power of meditation lies in its ability to allow you to tap into your subconscious mind, which you can then use to uncover your deeply rooted desires. Some of these desires (needs) could potentially include your destiny. It is recommended that you buy a book, an audio CD, or a DVD strictly devoted to meditation in order to help you with this potential source of enlightenment. Do some research on this subject by means of the internet, your local library, or a good bookstore. It should be noted that this source of enlightenment is usually used when you already know your destiny and want to enact it. Using it to discover your destiny may be far more difficult, and may involve getting expert guidance.

The book “How to Create the Life You Want – Redesigning Your Life” mentioned in the “Life Planning Book” section of this website briefly discusses Energy Awareness meditation and its benefits, but only after you have discovered your destiny.

D)  Past life regression
What Is Past Life Regression?  How Can It Benefit You?

It is the attempt to access your previous lives, usually by means of meditation, hypnosis, or a psychic reading. The theory behind past life regression is that each of us has lived many different past lives. The basis of this theory stems from the belief that our souls never die. What you uncover about your past lives can help you in your present life, as the lessons you did not learn from a previous life carry over into your next life. In other words, your current life’s destiny is directly linked to whatever your previous unresolved destiny was.

It would be an understatement to say that the theory of past life regression is controversial as well as unconventional. Some people want nothing to do with it; whereas others are willing to explore it and see what they can discover. Probably, for most skeptics it is the fear of the unknown. It’s like starting to research your family’s history to put together a Family Tree. When your research starts to uncover the unsavory relatives whether they be murderers, thieves, or adulterers, suddenly your family’s interest in parading its past family members is not so strong. Many a Family Tree has had to undergo pruning in order to maintain the family image!

Your Past Lives May Have Been Quite Wild and Scandalous!  

The same situation may easily arise when uncovering your past lives or those of others. Be prepared for some potential shocks. For example, at present you may be a housewife that lives in the suburbs of New Jersey with your husband and children, yet you may discover that in one your past lives you were a saloon girl in the American wild, wild west in the late 1800’s. Also, your current pious uncle may have led a past life where he was not so pious; for example, he could have been such a womanizer, drinker, and gambler that he scandalized an entire town to the point where he was “booted” out of town for immoral behavior! Who knows what you will uncover about yourself as well as others! When you undergo a past life regression to uncover a past life experience, you re-enact a part of that past life. You and other people whom you may or may not know are directly involved in this re-enactment. It’s like being in a movie with yourself as the major actor surrounded by others who may be strangers or people who are in your life at the present time.

With a hypnotherapist you would personally undergo the past life experience, rather than having someone like a psychic or channeler tell you what they see in your past (which you have no means of verifying). No doubt discovering your past lives can be interesting as well as potentially valuable in explaining who you are (and what issues you need to deal with).  It can also be used to find out what past connection you had with people who are currently important to you.  For example, if a woman marries a man and finds herself thinking of him as more of a friend than a soul mate (lover), it may be because in a past life both of them were brother and sister.

Nonetheless, it’s not highly recommended as a primary source of enlightenment for the simple reason that it could easily become a distraction, especially if you begin to rely upon it to uncover your destiny rather than making the required effort yourself. Also, be careful whom you allow to hypnotize you, as that person could do or say anything to you once they have placed you in a hypnotic state (i.e. don’t set yourself up as a potential victim).  See the Past Life Regression page (on this website) for more information.

E)  Use the services of a psychic or channeler

You may discover what your life’s destiny is by means of a psychic or channeler. A psychic or channeler is someone who has natural psychic ability, e.g. the ability to read your past, your present, and even your future life. This may be an unconventional method, but it can be effective for some people. You may be so confused as to what your destiny is that only someone with psychic abilities can access your subconscious mind and give you the information you seek. Be forewarned that many so-called psychics have little to no powers: they merely tell you what they think you want to hear. Ask your friends for a referral and follow your “gut” feeling when you meet the psychic or channeler.

If the psychic seems more concerned about the money you will pay him or her as well as the amount of time you spend with him or her, then you have just visited a phony. As soon as a psychic uses his or her natural psychic ability just to make money, then his or her psychic power is lost. If possible, visit a psychic in person. Many psychics place advertisements in New Age-type magazines as well as regular local newspapers. If you do not want to visit a psychic in person, then you have the option to obtain a psychic reading via the internet or over the phone. As with past life regression, this potential source of enlightenment is not recommended, as the temptation to start relying upon the psychic or channeler for a “quick fix” is far too great (i.e. you want him or her to do the work for you instead of you making the effort to discover your destiny). With so many phony psychics and channelers, it can be very difficult to obtain someone reliable, and also the cost can be quite great, especially if you need the psychic or channeler’s advice on a regular basis.

What Can a Psychic See?

If you are able to find a reliable psychic (i.e. one that is legitimate), then be forewarned that that psychic will only be able to see the current path that your life is on.  This may be useful if it’s the wrong path, but more than likely you would know that, even if you don’t want to face reality.

The choices you make today, decide your future.  All the psychic can do is validate as to whether or not such a decision is going to give you the results you want. Develop your own insight and you will know this without needing someone’s else’s help.  Apparently, one of the benefits of visiting a sacred site is the enhancement of your insight.  If this happens, take advantage of it.

F)  Use sacred plants:
Sacred Plants Have the Power to Alter Your Perceptions

Throughout mankind’s history there have been many sacred plants that have been taken to help men and women discover themselves, commune with nature, and become one with the universe. Some of these plants are reputed to be able to alter your perceptions to the point where you can become aware of your life’s destiny within a very short period of time, but unfortunately most of these sacred plants are too toxic to use. Any insights gained would be cancelled out by the detrimental affects upon your body, in some cases they can easily cause death. Some of the most common sacred plants are as follows:

  1. The Ayahuasca Vine

    It is native to South America, particularly to the Amazon Rain Forest. It is frequently used in religious ceremonies. One of its side effects is to give you a clear vision of your destiny (what your purpose in life is). The vine is brewed with water and then drunk. It is an extremely powerful plant with hallucinogenic properties. Unfortunately, the plant is so powerful that it overloads the body to the point where many people report both vomiting and diarrhea from using it. This is a definite sign that the body views this substance as a poison. The violent reaction that this vine has upon the body can easily cause death such as heart failure. This may explain why it is nicknamed the “Vine of the Dead”. Its use is not recommended, as it is too dangerous to ingest. The temporary spiritual enlightenment that it offers is not worth the risk to your health.

  2. Wild Lettuce

    It is found in Southern and Central Europe as well as the United States. Native North Americans have traditionally dried and smoked the resin or sap from the plant. Its chemical composition is similar to opium, which would explain why users report very vivid dreams (which reveal aspects about themselves that they weren’t aware of in their normal conscious state). Given its narcotic properties, its use is not recommended, as you could easily become addicted to it. Aside from that, it is also reported to cause stomach problems and drastically reduce the user’s sex drive.

  3. Skullcap

    It is found in both Europe and the United States. It is also known as Mad Dogweed. Its primary benefit is that it acts like a tranquilizer, soothing the mind and nerves, particularly when you cannot concentrate or when you are in a fearful state of mind. When smoked, its effects are similar to marijuana. Using a pharmaceutical tranquilizer with this substance can pose a problem to your health. It may have been thought of as a sacred plant as it helped to calm the user’s nerves, making the user more aware of his or her surroundings and thoughts. Aside from being a potential sleep aid, there doesn’t seem to be much benefit to its use.

  4. Fly Agaric (Mushroom)

    Its botanical name is Amanita Muscaria, also known as the Amanita mushroom. This mushroom has different colors, but is best known for its distinct red color. It is found in Europe, Asia, and North America. It obtained its strange name from people grinding it up and using it to kill insects (i.e. primarily flies). This mushroom has hallucinogenic properties, both visual and auditory, and can give you a “high” from 4 to 10 hours. It has been used by indigenous peoples for spiritual growth: people would become so “high” from using it that they would enter into another world where they could see and hear things that others could not. Unfortunately, some of the substances present in this mushroom can be very toxic (poisonous). Many users have reacted badly after eating this mushroom and have had to be rushed to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment. The proper identification of this mushroom is a continual problem, as it looks identical to the Amanita Pantherina mushroom which is even more toxic and can easily kill you. Its use is not recommended, as this mushroom is too toxic to ingest. The price of obtaining a temporary sense of spiritual enlightenment is not worth the risk to your health.

  5. Morning Glory Seed

    It is also known as Heavenly blue, Flying saucers, and Blue star. It is found in North America, Mexico, Central America, and South America. Indigenous people claim that it can give the user psychic powers. In reality, this plant has hallucinogenic properties that can give the user a LSD-like experience, lasting anywhere from 6 to 12 hours. It was used hundreds of years ago by the Aztecs as a potion for their religious ceremonies. The priests would rub the potion on their sacrificial victims before they killed them. It is reputed to be a powerful mind-altering drug, giving the user a feeling of incredible power and insight. Hence, the connection to trying to find out what one’s destiny may be. The use of this plant is not recommended due to its side effects: it can cause a miscarriage in pregnant women, it can give the user both nausea and diarrhea, and it brings much emotional and psychological turmoil to the user. It’s not worth causing potential damage to your health for short-lived insight into your life.

  6. Thorn Apple

    It is found in the United States, Mexico, Central America, and Asia. It is also known as Jimson Weed (which was featured on an episode of CSI – Las Vegas), Devil’s Apple, or the Angel’s Trumpet. This plant is a powerful narcotic with hallucinogenic properties. Its primary use is to give the recipient the experience of astral projection. During the Middle Ages, many women who used this plant were thought to be possessed by the devil and hence burned at the stake. It has been used by indigenous people for hundreds of years. It gave the users the power to see visions and have dreams that would bring answers to problems that they were currently facing. The use of this plant is not recommended as it is highly toxic. Ongoing usage can be detrimental to the heart, and cause death. (On the episode of CSI – Las Vegas the mysterious death of a healthy young man was linked to his use of this plant – he died from a heart attack.) It is not worth causing damage to your health to receive temporary insight into your problems. As a matter a fact, the use of this particular plant will give you even more problems than what you currently have due to the plant’s toxicity.