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Don't Just Throw the Dice!
The Game of Life: Play It to Win!

This topic discusses the following subjects:

  • Is Life a Game?
  • Your View on Life
  • What View of Life You Need to Succeed and Why
  • The 5 Spiritual Laws to Help You Play the Game of Life
Is Life a Game?

From the day that you were born, till the day that you die, you will have people, places, and events come and go in your life, on a regular basis: some people may be in your life for only 15 minutes, whereas others stay a lifetime; one day you are living in a small town in Nebraska, and the next day you are living in New York City.

One day you are happily married, and the next day you are signing your divorce papers. Sometimes it may seem like you are on a merry-go-round. How many times have you said to yourself: “What’s next? Why am I having so much bad luck?”

Your View on Life

How you view life, in general, will determine how you lead your life. Basically, you can have one of two possible views towards life:

The Random View If you have this view towards life you have a tendency to believe the following: you live in a world of random events, which means sometimes you are lucky and other times you are unlucky. Things just happen, and you have no control over what happens to you. There is no order in the universe. Life is like a casino’s slot machine game: sometimes you win, other times you lose.

The Non-Random View If you have this view towards life you have a tendency to believe the following: you live in a world of non-random events. The world has order and is highly-structured. Everything follows a plan: everything and everyone has a place. Nothing happens without a reason. The concept of luck does not exist: you make things happen. You control your own destiny: whatever you want, you can obtain. 

Note: It is possible for you to have a view towards life that is a blend of the preceding two views, however, most people will have one view or the other. Your outlook on life will affect how you live your life. Obviously, if life has no meaning and each of us is here randomly, then it does not matter what you do or don’t do. Who cares! No matter what your beliefs may be, the “bottom line” is: your attitude towards life will shape your behavior, which in turn will shape your destiny!

Life Is A Game

Yes, life is a game, but it is a game with a set of specific rules; and if you know the rules, then you can play the game of life and drastically increase your chances of winning.

Does Life Have No Meaning for You?

On the other hand, if you believe that life has no meaning, then you are not even in the game of life; and never will be. Events will continue to swirl around you, not making any sense. You will never have control over your life, simply because you believe that it is not even possible to have!

Accept the Non-Random View of Life to Succeed

If you want to take control over your life, and hence your destiny, you must have the non-random view towards life. It is the only option. This view may not make sense at first, but give it time and you will soon see that there is far more order in the world than you had previously envisioned.

Know God’s Rules of How to Win

To play the game of life you must be familiar with our creator’s laws or rules. This creator is referred to as God, the being or entity who created everyone and everything in this vast universe. (The term God is not meant to imply any specific “leaning” towards a particular religion, e.g. Christianity. It is meant only to refer to the higher life force that holds the universe together.)

Know the 5 Spiritual Laws to Play the Game of Life

You must become familiar with God’s laws if you want to know how the game of life is to be played. The spiritual laws that govern how we live are:

1) The Law of Attraction

This law is founded on the belief that “like attracts like”.  For example, someone who thinks positively will be surrounded by like-minded people.  The same goes for people who think negatively: they will always attract the same type of negatively-minded people in their lives.  Hence, the old saying “misery loves company”!  Whatever thoughts you hold in your mind for any length of time will come into existence for you.  

2) The Law of Cause and Effect

This law is founded on the belief that thought precedes every action and incident. In other words, nothing happens spontaneously.

3) The Law of Mind

This law is founded on the belief that your mind controls your life. Your thoughts produce energy, which in turn can be manipulated into material form.

4) The Law of Unlimited Supply

This law is founded on the belief that mankind has access to an unlimited supply of love, happiness, and wealth from God. Poverty as we know it is a man-made condition.  Look around you at Mother Nature:  there is incredible abundance everywhere.

5) The Law of Fair Compensation – The Law of Karma

This law is also known as the Law of Karma. It is founded on the belief that we reap what we sow with exact mathematical precision. In other words, what we do or think will be returned to us.

Life Point:

Work with these 5 laws, and you will know the rules of the game of life. It then becomes yours to “win”!