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This Career and Personality Topic Discusses:

  • Five (5) Signs That You Are in the Wrong Job
  • Why Is Choosing the Right Career So Important?
  • Online Career Tests
  • Links to Career & Job Websites
  • Careers in Demand
  • Why Does Your Personality Have to Suit Your Career Choice?
  • Save Yourself a Lot of Time and Money
  • What Makes You Tick?
  • Your Personality Traits
  • Personality Tests

Section 1:  Career Information

Five (5) Signs That You Are in the Wrong Job:
  1. You have low to non-existent job satisfaction.
  2. Only the money and/or benefits keep you there.
  3. You are getting sick more often for no explainable reason even though you are generally healthy.
  4. Your job drains you of all of your energy: physically, psychologically, and even spiritually. You feel exhausted all of the time.
  5. You look forward to your vacation time as an escape from your job.
Why Is Choosing the Right Career so Important?

Choosing the right career is crucial for your happiness. If you do not make the right choice you can waste a lot of time, money, and effort just to land up doing a job you hate. Be smart, plan ahead for your happiness and success. It may not be easy, but it is worth the time and effort.

Job Satisfaction Survey Results

Several years ago, a job satisfaction survey of workers was performed throughout the United States. The results of the survey were shocking, yet believable: At least 80% of the survey respondents reported being unhappy with their jobs. That is almost the entire workforce. Why such a high percentage? Probably because most people have never planned for the right career. Most people go from one job to the next, looking for that “perfect” job, but never finding it. Even taking a job that pays more money than the last one does not guarantee more job satisfaction.

Did You Just Fall Into Your Career?

Like most people, you have more than likely just “fallen” into your current career. You probably finished high school or college and needed a job. Someone you knew told you about a job opening, you applied, and got the job. Years later you are probably still there or have taken other jobs along the way. You know that you have to work to survive, but you do not have a clue as to what job suits you.

Is Your Career for You or for Someone Else? 

Instead of concentrating on how much money you may make or whether the career is in high demand do something basic: follow your passion. If your passion is to write, then take a job where you have the opportunity to write such as working as a technical writer or journalist. Do not become a doctor or lawyer just because it would make your parents happy. Your parents are not the ones who have to trudge off to work every day to do something they hate. Yes, the neighbors may be proud of you if you become a doctor but so what! You are here on this earth to live your own life–not someone else’s!

Whatever career you choose has to suit your personality. Your passion stems from your personality; it is part of it. Become familiar with your likes and dislikes first, then make your career choice.

Online Career Tests
  1. Go to: Click the “Explore Careers” dropdown menu and choose “Career Interest Questionnaire”.  (Note:  This test gives you a list of potential career clusters – different careers that may suit you.)
  2. Go to:  Note: This test determines the three most suitable career types for you (based on your highest score in each career type).
Links to Career &  Job Websites
  1. Monster Jobs (U.S.A.) –
  2. Monster Jobs (Canada) –
  3. US Government Jobs (with US Federal Government) –
  4. Canadian Federal Government Jobs –
  5. Full-time, Part-time & Telecommute Jobs (USA) –
  6. Telecommute Jobs (Canada) –
  7. Job Listings (for USA) –
Top Ten (10) Careers in Demand in the USA

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,  the ten fastest growing careers (for the period 2016-2026) will be:

  1. Solar photovoltaic installer (median wage for 2016 = $39,240)
  2. Wind turbine service technician (median wage = $52,260)
  3. Home health aide (median wage = $22,600)
  4. Personal care aide (median wage = $21,920)
  5. Physician assistant (median wage = $101,480)
  6. Nurse practitioner (median wage = $100,910)
  7. Statistician (median wage = $80,500)
  8. Physical therapist assistant (median wage = $56,610)
  9. Software developer, applications (median wage = $100,080)
  10. Mathematician (median wage = $105,810)

Section 2:  Personality Information

Why Does Your Personality Have to Suit Your Career Choice?

It’s important, as you are unique. You were born with a defined set of personality traits that will be with you till the day you die. Everyone is different. What makes one person happy may make someone else sad. Once you recognize this fact you can examine your personality and discover what you like and dislike. It can save you much effort and time if you are honest with yourself and look at whom you really are. Do not try to fit into someone else’s vision of whom you are supposed to be. That can easily lead to disaster. If possible, “connect” to your inner self, and try to discover your innermost thoughts. Accept yourself and live life to the fullest.

Save Yourself a Lot of Time and Money

Whatever life you lead has to suit your own, distinct personality, particularly when it comes to choosing the right career. If, for example, you want to be independent (your “own boss”), it may be unrewarding, if not a waste of time, to undertake the training necessary to obtain a long-term career working as an employee for someone else. You will be unhappy and eventually it will affect your work performance, either forcing you to quit or your employer to terminate you. You could save yourself a lot of time and money in the long-run if you know what you want in life. If you’re an entrepreneur at “heart”, then do what it takes to become one. Follow your own dreams; do not try to live someone else’s.

What Makes You Tick?

On the other hand, if you want the stability that a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job offers working for an employer, then “steer” in that direction. Whatever makes you happy! Each of us is going to pursue a different “route” in life. What you do and how you get there will be determined to a great extent by your personality traits (what makes you “tick”). You can learn what your personality traits are by trial and error, as most people learn. However, this can take a lot of time to discover. If you’re impatient to discover your particular personality traits (like most of us are), and you have a problem connecting to your inner self, then you should consider taking one or more personality tests. If possible take at least two, if not more. Then compare the results. If the tests are well-structured and accurate, you should start seeing similar findings when looking at the test results.

Your Personality Traits

Your personality traits are consistent; they do not change. Choose other personality tests if your test results are inconsistent. Hopefully, you know yourself well enough that you can recognize when the test results are totally inaccurate. For example, if the test results say that you should be an elementary school teacher, yet you “hate” kids, you are definitely having problems with the test results. There are benefits to knowing your personality traits:

  1. you can match your personality to your career
  2. you will know what makes you happy and what does not
  3. you will feel empowered
  4. you know what will be a waste of time for you
  5. you will obtain things faster and easier
  6. you will know what you want in life.
Personality Tests:

For an in-depth personality test consider taking the following test: The results will discuss your personality type, how you view relationships with others (your potential soul mate and friends), and what careers you suit.

For other serious and less serious personality tests go to: They have tests such as:

  • What is your true personality?
  • Is your partner really right for you?
  • What type of person are you?
  • What’s your next career?
  • Is your life awesome?
  • How cool are you?
  • Which era do you belong to?
  • What is your career?
  • What kind of man am I?
  • Are you an independent woman?