What Is Your Destiny?  Have You Thought About It?  Are You Happy with Your Life?  Do You Want to Make Changes?  Are You Just Too Busy or Tired to Plan for the Future You Want and Need?   If so, Don’t Expect Much from Life!  You Need to Plan for Your Success and Happiness – It’s Not Automatic!  Find the Time, Even If It’s Only 15 Minutes a Day!  Start Today! 

Motivational Video: The Importance of Following Your Dreams

Natasha Bedingfield’s Video: The Importance of Finding Your Soul Mate

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America’s Destiny: Making America great again and putting America first! What does the USA have to do to restore its economic, military, and political power? Will President Trump succeed even though many others have failed? See “World Politics” section for more details.

Destiny Book
Available from Amazon.com in Print ($14.95 U.S.) & E-Book Format ($3.49 U.S.) See “Life Planning Book” section for more details.
Marijuana (Cannabis): Is it harmful or beneficial to your health? What are the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana? See “Health Tips” section for more details.
Discover your life’s destiny by visiting an American sacred site like Sedona. See “Life Planning Book” section for more details.
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Choose the lifestyle you want or let it choose you! It’s your decision! See “Male Sexuality” section for more details.
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Need to escape for some needed rest and relaxation! See “Travel Tips” section for more details.
Like most people, are you unhappy with your job? Your career needs to suit your personality. See “Career & Personality” section for more details.
Your Destiny
Are you going nowhere in life? Have you taken the wrong path? Make up you mind to get on the right path starting today! See “Your Destiny” section for more details.
Are you passionate about saving the environment? See the “Getting Involved” section for more details.